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How to complete clinicals with your employer or choose your own clinical location

Selecting a Clinical Site

Students are not required to select their own clinical site, as this task is overseen by the Clinical Coordination Specialists within our Student Services Department. However, in the event that a student would like to request a specific site, such as their current employer, they may do so within the Clinical Externship Application itself.

Student Insurance Bonds

Each student completing a clinical externship is required to have an insurance bond policy in their name before entering the clinical site. This is due to the insurance form and bond being different from that which a hospital or other medical facility must legally have on file that covers itself and its workers, which differs from the bond required for externs. Student nurses must secure a particular form of insurance bond that goes above and beyond the normal requirements for those who are already licensed in the field because they are students who are not yet licensed but are working and interacting with patients. Therefore, a student would not be covered by–nor would the hospital– be protected from any malpractice issues that may arise from student participation in clinical externships within a medical facility. Every student must have the specific bond required for students who are practicing with patients. This is the reason we are unable to send students to clinical sites without having a bond on file in their name. It is illegal.

Obtaining Approval

Prior to commencing clinicals, the student must obtain written approval from Student Services to ensure the requested site has been approved and that all legal requirements for use of the clinical hours to be obtained have been met.
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