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Unfortunately, it is impossible for any school to obtain “state accreditation” in Georgia.

Does Erudite have Ga accreditation?

No–there are no “state-accredited” nursing schools in the State of Georgia because state accreditation does not exist under Georgia law. Nevertheless, “national accreditation” does exist under federal law; Erudite Nursing Institute is duly accredited under federal law.

Under Georgia law, the Board of Nursing (BON) has only been empowered under the Nurse Practice Act (O.C.G.A § 43-26-1) to provide “approvals” (not accreditation) for schools that fall within its purview (i.e. programs open to the General Public). This fact is stated in Georgia law, as follows:

“The purpose of this article is to protect, promote, and preserve the public health, safety, and
welfare through legislative regulation and control of registered professional nursing education
and practice.”

The full Nurse Practice Act can be found and reviewed in its entirety here:

Traditional vs. Nontraditional Schools

Traditional schools are those which are open to the General Public to which any person may apply irrespective of their medical and/or nursing background. All traditional nursing schools are subject to the Nurse Practice Act.

Nontraditional schools are those which do not conform to the standard format with regards to length, professional background, content delivery methodology (i.e. online, virtual, or distance learning), or other varying factor. All nontraditional nursing programs are closed to the General Public, unless they receive Title IV or other related state and federal funding, (i.e. FAFSA).

Is Erudite a “traditional” or “nontraditional” nursing school?

Erudite is a nontraditional nursing school that provides equivalency training and education to eligible persons. Erudite does not accept Title IV or other related state and federal funding.

Is Erudite open to the General Public?​

No–Erudite Nursing Institute is NOT open to the General Public, which means every applicant must meet very strict and specific professional requirements before eligible for consideration:

The program qualification guidelines are limited to those capable of demonstrating compliance with the minimum federal standards under federal law. Authorization To Apply (ATA) is to be obtained inadvance of submitting an Application for Admission:

Does Erudite fall within the purview of the Ga BON?​

No–Erudite does not fall within the legislative intent (i.e. legal authority) for the BON’s regulatory powers so long as Erudite remains closed to the General Public. 

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