Because Erudite Nursing Institute? does not accept tax-payer funds and other public funding through Federal and State Governments ( i.e. FAFSA), private funding is available to current ENI applicants only. This means that current applicants may submit the respective application for the specified type of funding they are seeking only once they are a candidate for entry into a given program. The following funding types are available: Scholarships, Grants, Payment Plans, Student Loans.

To apply for financial aid, current applicants will need to visit the Student Web Portal (SWP). Once logged into the SWP using the credentials established by the applicant directly following application and fee submission, go to “Complete Registration” as shown in the picture below.


Once hovering over the “Complete Registration” option as shown in the image above, select “Financial Aid” in order to access the respective applications for funding. See image below.

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