Hi there, May I also ask if it includes: Explain the levels of response,Understand the ‘Glasgow Coma Score’ system,Understand eye and pupil responses and how to assess breathing,Know how to monitor and read a person’s pulse and what to look out for,Know how to measure blood pressure and what the readings mean,Understand methods for taking temperature,Understand how to assess skin,Know how to record observations, and Have an overview of advanced monitoring techniques. Or Understand the anatomy and physiology that relates to clinical observations Learn about normal and abnormal clinical observations/vital signs Understand the clinical significance of abnormal vital sign readings Perform a range of clinical observations under supervision including:blood pressure heart rate temperature respiratory rateoxygen saturations,Complete a basic pain assessment,Consciousness assessment (AVPU),Blood Glucose Measurements Fluid Balance Charts,Clinical Documentation, Escalation of Clinical Observations

Thank you for your assistance