*** Students have online training simulation modules that are issued similar to the way that the course work is issued. Except that the clinical modules requires a student to know clinical processes because they need to demonstrate them using their system such as mouse.
For instance if you need to draw blood then you will need to use your mouse and select the correct needle Gauge and drag it to the correct clinical site. You also need to know the process prior to administering the injection such as that you need to clean The puncture site with alcohol swabs and apply the tourniquet.

*** Since it is done virtually, there is only a due date for each clinical issued to you same as how you completed your course works.

All students have an option to do clinical preceptorship or externship.

*** A part time student has to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to finish on time if you dedicate less then you will finish late.

*** The regular program tuition does not include additional fees for the cost of the clinicals insurance and it does not charge for the clinicals. The only time that the student needs to pay for the clinical separately is when their account is past due.
For students who’s account is in good standing no late payment fees, existing balance they can proceed with clinicals without paying anything extra.

Because once you finish the clinicals then you are eligible to apply for graduation and it is not fair to allow students to graduate having missed all of their tuition payments.

A student only pays for clinicals in 2 instances:
1) They have not been paying their tuition and their payments have fallen behind;
2) They were already scheduled for clinicals but they missed their clinicals and need arrangements for a second hands on clinicals

The fee is the 20% of the Program tuition they are enrolled with.
LPN – $3216
RN – $4824
BSN -$6432

I hope your concerns were answered accordingly.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by sssbom2.