Concerning pre-requisite requirements, the only pre-req. requirement is the mandatory qualified background in the medical field. This is because our students do not complete pre-reqs before being accepted into the nursing programs to determine whether or not they can/will be accepted.

 Pre-requisites at traditional nursing schools are general education classes taken by students/applicants prior to their being accepted into a nursing program. Erudite does not require these classes for two primary reasons: 

  1.  Pre-requisites are “Filler Classes”
    • General education classes are the same across all programs at traditional schools, meaning that the courses are not specific to Nursing and are taken by all students regardless of their major. For instance, someone could be majoring in Performing Arts or Telecommunications, but they would be taking the same general education classes as someone majoring in Nursing. Erudite regards such prerequisite classes more so as “filler classes” rather than being pertinent to the practice of nursing, because they are not exclusive to nursing.
  2. All Erudite Classes are Core/Fundamental to Nursing
    • Erudite students are required to take classes that at traditional schools would be considered “prerequisite” general education classes. However, they are not considered pre-requisites at Erudite due to the fact that they are not general education (intended for any/every major). They are specific to the medical field and the practice of nursing. Therefore at Erudite, they are more intense and in-depth, covering subject matters and scenarios that are related to the fields of Medicine and Nursing specifically. They are not intended for non-healthcare related majors and are therefore considered part of our core nursing curriculum.