All applicants must be an LPN (or the equivalent) with a minimum of four years work experience to apply.

Please be advised that our programs are closed to the General Public as nontraditional nursing programs. This means all applicants must be capable of meeting national guidelines under national accreditation standards established by the Federal Board of Medical Services.  Those incapable of meeting the above guidelines may still be eligible to apply directly to the RN program after completing the Physician Technician bridge program.

To qualify for the Physician Technician bridge to RN, you must have training, schooling, or experience in the medical field as an LPN or the equivalent. You do not have to have a full four years to apply.

The purpose of the Physician Technician is to allow current LPNs who may have 1, 2, or 3 years experience to still bridge into the RN program although they do not have the full four (4) years required to apply directly to the RN program. In this instance, they will first complete the Physician Technician before bridging to the RN.

Please find the link to the Physician Technician program to bridge to the Registered Nurse (RN) below. Classes begin the first Saturday of each month, subject to availability.

The program details are here:

The application to register is here: