There are several different options for obtaining licensure as a nontraditional equivalency program, which we are. These are the three (3) options:

1. Direct examination

2. Reciprocity

3. Endorsement

Direct examination means we register the student for the board exam directly with the board which they intend to have issue their license. Reciprocity means that a student obtained their license with one board, but intends to have their license moved to a different board which is most often done by way of reciprocation. Lastly, endorsement means two things. Firstly, some boards allow examinations to be challenged before the full program has been completed so long as the minimum clinical hours have been obtained and other application requirements have been met, such as certain pre-requisite and core classes have been completed in their entirety. If they are able to pass the exam, then the board will award their license despite. Secondly, some boards will award a second license upon receipt of an “endorsement” applicable signed and notarized paperwork from one board to another stating that all of the legal requirements have been met for licensure to be issued in the state in question.