Yes–students and program applicants may apply for credit exemptions and transfers. If you have completed nursing classes at another institution and they are approved for transfer to Erudite, then you would not need to pay for those credit hours again. Admissions will only consider requests for transfer and exemption of credit hours that meet the following requirements:

  • Credits from accredited USA institution

    • Erudite does not accept credit hours from foreign institutions or from USA institutions that are not regionally or nationally accredited. State board approval does not automatically qualify a school’s credit hours for consideration at Erudite. The institution must also bear the applicable accreditation as legally required.


  • Credits received within previous 2 years
    • Due to the accelerated nature of the programs, Erudite does not consider credit hours that are more than two (2) years in age with the exception of certain advanced science classes such as biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. In certain instances, these credit hours may be up to five (5) years in age but do require prior approval from the Student Services Department before they can be utilized.


  • Credits from core nursing classes in which a grade of “B+” or higher was achieved
    • If you did not pass the course or received a grade less than “B+”, then the course cannot be transferred in as all program courses must meet the program’s minimum GPA requirement.


  • Credits originate from a course on the same program level (or higher) as the program of application.
    • For instance, if you are applying for the LPN program then the credit hours that you are wanting to transfer into Erudite must be at the LPN level or higher. Medical Assistant or other allied health care credit hours cannot be used to exempt a higher level course such as LPN. The same applies for all other programs such as RN. The credits being transferred must be at the RN level or higher and can not be at the LPN level or other lower level courses.