The applicant will need three valid, current, government-issued forms of photo ID (such as: driver’s license, passport, green card/legal residency, etc.). All documents needs to be up to date, no expired documents will be accepted..
The non-refundable application fee for MSN (i.e. graduate programs) is $130-– unlike LPN, RN, BSN (i.e. undergraduate programs) which have $65 Application. The non-refundable applications fee can be paid via credit, debit, or bank card–including certain prepaid cards.
Proof of qualifying background in medical field (this may include medical licenses, diplomas, certifications, employment verification letter, etc.)

Note: Any documents not submitted at the time of application must be uploaded through Student Web Portal (SWP) within one week (7 days) from date of application, subject to denied admission for failure to demonstrate adequate qualifications for program enrollment