Yes. All programs are nationally accredited (accreditation verification information available upon request) and lead to board licensure eligibility upon successful completion of all requisite obligatories and requirements.


Because our programs are nontraditional equivalency, closed to the General Public, and offered nationally to qualifying medical candidates, we are required to obtain national as opposed to state-level accreditation. 
To ensure board exam eligibility, all applicants must have the requisite licensure prior to applying, which is used in conjunction with their program diploma to qualify students for board licensure by direct examination and/or endorsement.  Further, we are mandated to maintain the appropriate credentialing at the federal/national level for non-public (private) programmation that does not fall within the purview of a state board.
Students receive a written guarantee in their enrollment documents to ensure they are able to receive their board license and we have NEVER had a single graduate unable to qualify for their licensure; EVERY student may apply for their board license under federal law.  All students/graduates are eligible for board certification and licensure upon meeting the graduation and board requirements (Click Here for Details). 
You can verify accreditation via the Federated Credential Verification System (click here) using the information below. You may also copy and paste the following link into your browser:
  • Name: Erudite Nursing Institute
  • Type of Accreditation: Organizational & Programmatic
  • Accreditation ID#: 39478501099