How much is the LPN program tuition?

The lpn program tuition is $268 per credit hour and a 60 credit hour program, bringing the full cost to $16,080 without credit exemptions or transfers. If accepted into the program, the minimum enrollment deposit is 20% ($3,216). The remaining balance of $12,864 can be paid over time and the student is eligible for on-time graduation, so long as all tuition payments are timely paid.

What are the LPN program qualifications?

For the 5-week LPN program, all applicants must be a CNA, CMA, PCT, Surgical Tech, or the equivalent to apply.


Please be advised that our programs are closed to the General Public as nontraditional nursing programs. This means all applicants must be capable of meeting national guidelines under national accreditation standards established by the Federal Board of Medical Services.  Those incapable of meeting the above guidelines may still be eligible to apply directly to the LPN program after completing the CMA bridge program.


For the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) bridge program, it is 5 weeks duration and must be completed before you begin the LPN program. The classes begin the first Saturday of the month and the tuition is $2,799. More information about the CMA Bridge Program can be found here: CMA Bridge Program (click here).

What is the LPN program duration?

The program is a non-traditional equivalency program which consists of five (5) weeks online for the classes themselves, followed by 2 to 3 weeks hands-on clinical externships (unless eligible for clinicals exemption). For a full-time student, the program timeframes require a minimum of 40 hours per week commitment to finish within the stated timeframe.


There is also a part-time enrollment option which doubles the above-stated time frames from 5 weeks online  for class to 10 weeks; and from 2 to 3 weeks hands-on for clinicals to 4 to 6 weeks hands-on for clinicals.  In that instance, the minimum weekly commitment is 20 hours.