Erudite is not open to the General Public, you would first need to obtain an ATA (Authorization To Apply) before applying to our programs. This can be done by way of a short test–Eligibility Confirmation Test (ECT)–located here:?
If a potential applicant still has questions regarding their possible qualification to apply to Erudite, they should view the?Qualification Guidelines, which provides an outline of the minimum credentials needed to apply to Erudite. After this step, if further assistance is needed, the applicant should?contact us?by submitting a support ticket to receive contact and communication from Admissions.

2 Responses to “Do I qualify? Am I eligible to apply to Erudite’s programs?”

  1. GPinckney

    Yes I would like to know if I qualify I am nationally certified dialysis technician I have have been certified as an phlebotomist thank you

    • ENISupport


      Yes–you would be eligible to apply to the LPN program so long as you have four years, full-time, current work experience per national accreditation standards at the present time. Thank you.

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